Monday, July 16, 2012

Magazine Monday: More Global July 2012 Covers

Mercy, it's no wonder print magazines are having so much damn trouble staying in business in America. A glance at these covers from around the world are much more compelling than another Kim Kardashian expose or Jennifer Aniston who-she's dating-this-week trash story...

Above, we have the dashing Chris Hemsworth on the cover of August, sporting short hair and delightfully sopping wet clothes... Can you imagine if Sofia Vergara were to pose with—gasp!—a cigarette in the U.S.? Those things are illegal, right? One would think so... And then there's this odd pic of George Clooney, perhaps the first unflattering image I've ever seen of the 50 year old. What was GQ thinking?

In the center, yep, sure enough, U.S. magazine Redbook, with Kelly Clarkson looking like a middle-aged Midwestern J.C. Penney-shopping housewife. See what I mean?

Below, grade-A beefcake soccer stud Christiano Ronaldo, Celine hater Kat Winslet and cutie Ryan Gosling... *