Saturday, July 14, 2012

Drought Devastating 26 U.S. States Is The Worst In History

Severe drought conditions are plaguing more than half of the United States, as record high temperatures are turning 26 states into a dustbowl, according to the Department of Agriculture. More than 1,000 counties have been designated a natural disaster area, as crops are destroyed across the nation, particularly in the Midwest. Nearly two-thirds of the nine-state region was in some stage of drought in the week ended July 10, up from 50% a week earlier.

The worst-hit areas are the lower Ohio Valley, southern Great Lakes and middle Mississippi Valley, where daily highs averaged 10 to 13 degrees above normal, with little to no rainfall.

Of course, the end result is that no one will be able to afford to eat ever again, with soybean, corn and grain prices hitting record-high prices. Ironically, because of the USDA’s disaster designation, farmers are not only cashing in by selling their scant crops for gold, but reaping federal aid. They must be jumping for joy. *