Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Karine In Da House

Every time that Karine Hannah comes by 2C Studios to record vocals, my eyes pretty much moisten up... and today was no exception. She roared through Ayhan and Dennis' latest composition "Camouflage," a light, fun (ever-so-slightly naughty) ditty—but then she stood in place, as they played their newly produced instrumental track for Tinatin's hit Eurovision song "Is It True," casually singing along before us, ripping the living shit out of it with a new attitude that would make original singer Yohanna (as much as I adore her version) bow with humility. No one is sure if this fresh take, which Ayhan Sahin and Dennis DelGaudio have produced with a rockier edge that is wholly appropriate for the North American market, will see the light of day—they're working through all sorts of legal crap. If it doesn't, then the world will miss out on a consummate mix. Believe me, the (rest of the) globe needs to know this song.