Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Heroes" Final Nail: Adrian Pasdar Ousted

Adrian Pasdar has been my favorite (living) actor for well more than a decade. Following two failed series, "Proft" and "Mysterious Way," numerous low-budget movies, turns in "Judging Amy," Desperate Housewives," many more—and his particularly memorable turn in an episode of "Outer Limits" called "In the Zone" (very revealing britches, cool cats, most memorable), when he was cast in the hit series "Heroes," I was overwhelmed: fame at last (for more than being a Dixie Chicks husband).Of course, that series lost its mind in season two, after it introduced 500 confusing new characters, sent one its leads back to King Arthur's court or some nonsense, and pretty much was as confounding as "Lost" became—as well—in season two (I just hope that "Fast Forward," the latest intelligent network series, will somehow avoid the sophomore curse).

News today that Adrian Pasdar's character is being killed off in "Heroes"... so now the series has less than zero reasons to watch! I say he's better off. Now that he's at last recognizable,
perhaps he'll headline his own star vehicle.

Now if only someone would do the same for poor Eddie Cibrian, who has floudered from series to series to series, without ever gaining lead billing.

With another penny, this rant would be worth a good two cents...