Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celine Dion NOT Pregnant... Sad News

New reports are suddenly confirming that while Celine Dion was allegedly well on her way to delivering a second child, this is no longer true. According to Reuters: "Singer Celine Dion is not pregnant, despite reports to the contrary. Dion, 41, was reported pregnant in August, after she underwent fertility treatments at a New York clinic, and her representatives at the time confirmed the news. But within days, the Quebec-born Dion learned the embryo had not been implanted successfully, spokeswoman Kim Jakwerth said."

I hope to god she didn't lose a second possible child, after believing she was pregnant again. She and Rene had a tough enough time the first time around, with Rene Charles, now 8. But she has always said, if it didn't happen again, she would always feel blessed...

In homage, here's Celine with an astonishing live performance of one of her best songs, "Think Twice," at the World Music Awards.