Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lambert Lamblast

So ABC got 1,500 complaints about Adam Lamert’s “sexually charged” performance on Sunday’s AMAs? Big whoop. I belch as many times a day. Couple things here: First, his performance aired at 10:50 p.m., within the FCC’s safe harbor zone… parents are bitching about their poor children being exposed to this gruesome apparition—why weren’t they in bed on a school night, for god’s sake? It’s called “parenting.”

Second, the kiss… okay, on this blog, I wrote something about “enough kissing the women.” I actually thought the band member he mouthed was a girl. He/she was so androgynous that it was anyone’s guess. So give me a fucking break on the homophobia. I bet the same folks raising hell now were feeling all tingly when they saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, horrifying their parents, 40 years ago. Or giggling as Madonna dared to roll across the stage in a wedding dress, singing “Like A Virgin” on the MTV Awards in 1984.

Give it a rest, people. Give me a break.