Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NYC Mayoral Election ... 90 Mins To Poll Closing

For what little it was worth, I cast my mayoral vote today for Democrat Bill Thompson—the candidate who is enough of a practiced politician to get the job done, but actually earned his current role as city comptroller, instead of, in the case of dictator Mayor Bloomberg, deciding one day, "Hmm, I'm kind of bored counting my billions... Hey, I think I'll throw out a few hundred million bucks to buy myself the mayoral office in the biggest city in the country. Then I'll finally be cool!"

Listening live online to 1010 WINS-AM, New York's legendary local news station... waiting for the bad news that Bloomberg bought his (illegal) third term. I'm only hoping that his "victory" will be tight enough to humble this arrogant prick... Naw, what am I thinking? The only thing bigger than his bankroll is his ego... or perhaps the closet he hides inside.

Close race for gov in Jersey and Virginia... they're the ones to watch.