Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, Sheena... 25 Years Ago This Week

Mercy, how time flies. It's been 25 years since Sheena Easton delivered her fifth of eight top 10 singles... "Strut," the first hit from her most successful album "A Private Heaven," which reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 on Nov. 24, 1984. It also peaked at No. 6 on Hot Dance Club Play.

Ah, my lady. Anyone who knows me also knows that Sheena has been my muse for nearly 30 years. Yes, there's my first love Olivia Newton-John, and then first lady Celine Dion, and Tina Arena, Lara Fabian and Delta Goodrem... but somehow, Sheena continues to command the iPod headphones most every week. No matter where I am, she is a constant companion. We've been through it all together, the best of times and the worst. And there's a song to match every emotion.

As long as I may live, that ain't ever gonna change. People come and go, we hope and pray that love remains... but through it all, there's music, songs and those artists that never, ever disappoint. Something we can all relate to, yes?You can see her performance on "Solid Gold" by clicking on the title post above... The original video has been hijacked by Sheena's original label EMI, which not only refuses to let it be embedded on blogs, but forces the viewer to watch an ad, so I, in turn, refuse to provide a link.