Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oz's Human Nature Hits NYC

1990s' Aussie boy band Human Nature—who I randomly discovered in 2000 at a used CD store in Montreal and fell in love with ("He Don't Love You," "If I Only Had the Heart" and "When We Were Young"... ahhhh)—never got their due from Sony Records in the States... truly a shame, but now the boys are doing it for themselves, headlining Las Vegas' Imperial Palace with their Motown show, presented by Smokey Robinson (with whom they duet on the classic "Get Ready" on current album "Reach Out"). Hey, even Celine Dion called them "wonderful vocalists who really know how to entertain a crowd." Who would know better? She toured with them as her warm-up in Oz, as did some guy named Michael Jackson, in the late 1990s.

The quartet, which originally formed as a doo-wop group in Sydney in 1989—was in New York last week for a meet and greet at the Australian Consulate, where they performed two a cappella numbers for the room.Liz D. and meese, with Human Nature member Toby Allen.Aussies in America, enjoying the festivities.