Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Valerie Wednesday

Met up with pal Val Crane this afternoon. She's working at the New York Historical Society at 77th and Central Park West, so I was treated to a free tour of the current exhibitions, including 18th-century portraits of prominent New Yorkers, the museum's archives, and the Abe Lincoln In New York display... Who knew that despite his liberal social mindset, our Yankee city pretty much loathed the prez, partly because during the Civil War, more New Yorkers perished than any other state. He was a mightily polarizing politician... hmm, times ain't changed a bit, huh?... Then it was off for drinks at a local Upper West Side pub. Divine time, as ever.A collection of plastic critter toys!Early NYC cab... uh, not really. But I bet the ride was just as bumpy.FDR vs. Willkie for Prez buttons. Wonder who won...Gay carved fireman?Val and gay meese.The swankiest Duane Reade drug store I've ever seen, Upper West Side.