Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lynchburg: Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, the parents and I were hosted by my bro Chris and sis-in-law Judy, along with my nephew Matty, and Judy's daughters Shannon and Amanda. A fine time, with no drama (well, a little might have been kind of fun). We ate turkey, which is an American tradition this time of year, in case that's something your family doesn't do. A lot of people in the South eat scrapple and ox tails, actually, from what I hear... Here's Chris and Judy's house, which they finished building about a year ago.Pinky and Clover! My grandmother made these by hand for my brother and me when we were chillen. Surprise, Pinky was mine!Dan and Ev.
Evelyn with Chris & Judy's Yorkie, Blake.Family portraits: First, here's the Taylor family, with Charles, Dan, Evelyn and Chris.With the additions of Judy and Blake.Altogether, now: Dan, Evelyn, Chris, Judy, Shannon, Matthew, meese.That evening, I joined the Payne family for their enormous T'giving reunion on Parkland Drive. Here's Perry with meese and their neighbor and close pal Camille—who lives in Strele's former apartment across the hall from Perry & David in Washington Heights/NYC.Perry and her sister Sally's adorable (read: not too precocious) daughter Brantley.The Payne clan!