Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lynchburg: J.T. Thornhill, Yet Another 20-Plus Years Reunion!

Facebook is a pretty astonishing phenomenon... Over the past year, I have reunited with no fewer than four friends from the deep past, thanks to FB hook-ups. On Friday, Donna Mae Moose hosted meese (har, Moose and meese, that's right friggin' funny) at her home, where hubby Cecil fixed a post-Thanksgiving feast for us: with high school buddy J.T. Thornhill (the IV, mind you), whom I have not seen, we're thinking, in about 27 years. Great reunion.

He's now in South Carolina, where he has a doctorate in Psychiatry. He teaches, is director of university admissions for his affiliated school and sees dingy patients. We also spent plenty of time piecing the past together including our starring turns in the play "Arsenic & Old Lace," which we all acted in, as did Strelie. The pictures from the play—with all of us in near-pancake make-up—were ridiculous fun.Twenty-seven years. Damn, we're old.