Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Before Macy's came along in 1902, Herald Square in New York was best known as the home of Broadway theaters—and the elite hotels to house the many tourists staying in the vicinity. The six-story Victorian brick Marlborough Hotel, which opened in 1888 at Broadway between 36th and 37th streets, was a flagship destination in the neighborhood.

In 1908, Harry Houdini and several other famous magicians are known to have performed at the hotel. 

Along the street level, we can take in a keen hint of the upscale businesses of the day. Lining the retail street level are: the Rathskeller Restaurant, the Toggery Shop, Young's Hats, Harris & Co., Tailors, Crawford Shoe, a jewelry store, Sarnoff Hats and Regal Shoes.

The hotel and its Rathskeller closed soon after that damn pesky Prohibition was enacted in 1920.