Friday, June 17, 2011

Smoking Hot Jed Hill Returns For A Second Session With The Nun

It was nearly a month ago when we met our latest, greatest Sexiest Man Alive, Jed Hill, a 26-year-old former Penn State football player who decided the world would be better served by his dedication to fitness and underwear modeling.

He returns with some new pics that we secured during our trip together for a shoot in Italy. Jed is so funny, cool cats. He loves to put ice in his Corn Flakes and talks in his sleep. My favorite memory is how he would hang his underwear over a flagpole in the window each night before we'd go to bed, and it would wave in the wind as he yelled out, "Buena Notte!" Ha, ha, he sure knows how to make me giggle.                                                                           And then... I woke up...