Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assembly Passes NY Marriage Equality Bill; Now Comes The Tough Part

The New York Assembly passed a bill Wednesday to legalize gay marriage in the state—despite some back-assward Senate Republicans who continue to wrangle over letting the measure come to a floor vote before the Senate, where it must be approved to become law.

The measure passed 80 to 63, the lowest margin in the four times it has been approved by the Assembly since 2007.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has made gay marriage a priority, said—perhaps way too soon—"We are on the verge of a pinnacle moment for this state."

The fate of the bill remains up to the GOP-controlled Senate, where 31 senators are on record as supporting it, just one shy of the 32 needed for passage. They are continuing "negotiations" Thursday. Those who oppose the bill are hanging on to the same ole sieve-like religious objections to the gay lifestyle. Others—ignoring the fact that 56% of New Yorkers are in favor of the measure—fear backlash from religious conservatives likely to have a meltdown if it passes.

Meanwhile, one Catholic gay, uh, priest is bastardizing the lines between church & state. Archibishop Timothy Dolan wrote, "We cherish true freedom, not as the license to do whatever we want, but the liberty to do what we ought. Not every desire, urge, want or chic cause is automatically a 'right.'" Perhaps Dolan is that one-in-a-million straight priest... or just another homophobe hiding behind his robes?

Even NYC's flip-flopping Republican closeted Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in favor of marriage equality. He vowed to lobby for the bill.

New York's legislation session ends next week. It's now or never, politicos. Have you forgotten—again—that you were voted into office to serve the people? 
New York Daily News poll: June 16, 2011