Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quote Of The Day: 'Homosexuality Is Nonsensical'

Here's a wonderful quote penned by a member of the media, contesting the move toward legalizing homosexual acceptance in society. I offer it verbatim, full of (sic). Enjoy!
Surprise: This tirade comes not from a New York Republican Senator, not a snaggle-toothed West Virginian hay farmer nor a rural half wit living in the backwoods of Texas...

It is actually a direct quote from a newspaper in the West African nation of Ghana, where homosexuality is a crime in which offenders are considered "sub-human," and appropriate punishment includes "the burning, execution, decapitation or stabbing of these ‘vile’ men." Incidentally, regarding the intellectual nature of the story above: Ghana has an adult literacy rate of 65%. I'd guess the author is in the remaining 35 percentile.

Funny... This could have been voiced by many an American... including our elected conservative officials "of high repute," who allege to represent the citizens of their locales. Not so funny, huh?