Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thursday Night... Just Give It Up... Let's Try Again Tomorrow

After a 12-hour flight delay because of fog, then two canceled flights, my nephew Matthew and his gal pal Jordan at last made it to NYC Thursday night.

From there, everything pretty much continued to implode logistically. As we headed into the city to meet Ayhan for din din, the subway simply refused to arrive in timely fashion. We attempted to go to Elmo in Chelsea... and arrived just as they stopped serving. Home again, where the damn train took 40 minutes.

Best at this point to just call it a damn day and start again tomorrow...

After the kids spent a full day shopping, with Leonard standing in for Ayhan, who was working, we made it to Elmo Friday night. Best of all: a deliciously hot waiter. Oh, yeah, the food was right good, too.After dinner, we happened by the Human Right Campaign's temporary storefront, where they'd set up base to fight for the New York Marriage Equality bill. While there was no news as of 10 p.m., we were invited to party with the team. It was empowering to feel their energy as the battle continued.
We arrived home to the news that the New York same-sex bill had PASSED. While the rest of the city gathered at the Stonewall Inn to celebrate the biggest news since the Stonewall riots in 1969, we had already returned to Brooklyn. Dammit!