Monday, June 27, 2011

Olivia Newton-John Gets 'Physical' At Hot NYC Pride Bondi Beach Bash

Along with the joyously colorful Gay Pride March on Sunday and glorious passage of Marriage Equality Thursday, this year's queer weekend included the spectacular Bondi Beach Aussie-themed Bash on Governor's Island, sponsored by FV Events and Josh Wood Productions.

Yup, it sure was truly magic, with VIP entrance, thousands of hot boyz, booze, access to shoot photos during the performance and the post meet & greet. I'm rolling footage backward, from Livi's performance to the beginning of the night...The meet and greet with my beloved Olivia...
And now... on to the party on Governor's Island man-made beach!Above: What the party looked like. Below, what it felt like...And now, the boyz of Bondi!
Olivia on the red carpet...Livi and her uber-publicist Michael Caprio...And below the jump, the beautiful boat ride from Battery Park to Governor's Island, which took all of 5 minutes.