Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holding Out For A Hero: Brit Rugby Pro Ben Cohen Defends Gay Rights

Even if New York's Republican-led Senate has demonstrated that equality is not a priority for its citizens, let's turn to a friend as the hours continue to tick by waiting waiting waiting for any news from Albany.

English Rugby World Cup winner Ben Cohen, a staunch opponent of homophobia in athletics, has become the Lady Gaga of professional sports, raising awareness and big bucks to stand against homophobia and bullying, while standing up for equality, tolerance and mutual respect.

It doesn't hurt a bit that the fuzzy Cohen is an adorable spokesman, who could well be Chris Evans' brother (naughty thoughts, naughty thoughts...). He also appears to enjoy parading around in his under-britches. Who am I to question? Equal rights, indeed.

Thanks to straight folks like Ben—who is married with twin daughters—for doing what our elected officials are fighting with all their might: treating everybody with mutual respect.

No doubt, we'll find out Thursday just how brave the conservative hold-outs will be in crossing not only the very mighty, very popular Gov. Andrew Cuomo—but the majority of their constituents.