Monday, June 20, 2011

Daytripping: Main Street America In Cold Spring, N.Y.

And then, the ultimate destination of my warm, sunny, relaxing utopian Saturday daytrip from New York to the Hudson Valley with Leonard: the village of Cold Spring, N.Y., population 1,983, only 50 or so miles from the city.

The central area of the town is Main Street, a straight hill that leads from the entry of Cold Spring to a beautiful Hudson riverfront view. In total, the core of the locale is all of 0.6 miles.

It was incorporated in 1846 to accommodate workers of nearby West Point, and thanks to its listing on the National Register of Historic Places, maintains the innate charm of full-blown 19th Century architecture along its central drag, known as the Cold Spring Historic District.Fascinating: Instead of simply crossing the train tracks at the bottom of Main Street, there is an underpass. I suppose the intent is to keep oncoming trains from having to slow their pace as they pass Cold Spring. On the other side: the Hudson, with the renowned bandstand, the Parrot Gun cannon and brick walks for viewing and taking in the natural beauty. Stand by!