Thursday, February 24, 2011

To All The Jobs I've Loved Before... Redux

A year ago—and a year before that—I published one of my favorite posts ever, "To All The Jobs I've Loved Before," listing every piddling thing I've done for $$$. It's time for an update, because as of this month, I am a bona fide money-making blogger, cool cats. Yes, it only took 27 months, but those tiny little ads you see peeking through the side of The Smoking Nun earn meese a hot red cent for every so many visits to this blog. Hey, today alone, I netted 22 cents.

Payouts are only available when you accumulate $100+—and I have crossed that threshold, ahem, for the first time. At this rate, I'm going to be a blogger millionaire in only 136,845 years. Keep it coming, Google!

Meanwhile, I'm not sure if this is the most—or the least—appropriate time to mention that it was two years ago tomorrow, Feb. 25, 2009, that I was laid off from Billboard magazine. My reflections on that certainly merit their own post, wouldn't you say?

* Blogger "The Smoking Nun"/NYC (2008-present)
* Mystery Shopper for more than a dozen companies, including restaurants & bars, high-end department stores, A-grade hotels, furniture retailers, cell phone shops & electronics dealers, banks, storage facilities, hair-loss clinics, fast food and casual eateries, medical facilities, adult retailers, pizza delivery, bodegas & delis and movie theaters./NYC (2010-present)
* Crew Leader, the U.S. Census Bureau/Brooklyn, N.Y. (2010)
* Would-be author "Joyride" with Liz Derringer; and "In Front of the Iron Curtain," with Tinatin. Publication pending(?)/NYC (2009-present)
* Artist bios for Backstreet Boys, Jim Brickman, Oleta Adams, Weird Al, Jordin Sparks, Savage Garden & countless indie acts/NYC (2007-present)
* Licensed non-denominational minister, able to legally marry (straight) couples in NYC: two down and a third sched in August. (2010-present)
* Features editor/writer Radio & Records/NYC (2004-2009)
* Liner notes for Celine Dion, ‘N Sync, Time-Life compilations/NYC (2006-2008)
* Published songwriter, Young Pals Music/Brooklyn, N.Y. (2006-present)
* Freelance cover stories for NYC gay rag Next/NYC (2007-2008)
* Host, Billboard Radio online countdown/NYC (1999-2006)
* Tech columnist, Pro Audio Review magazine/Washington, D.C. (2001-2005)
* Writer, editor, columnist Billboard magazine/NYC (1995-2009)
* Editor Tuned In radio management/programming monthly/Washington, D.C. (1994-1995)
* Subscription card data processor IMAS/Washington, D.C. (1990)
* Stretch limousine driver/Washington, D.C. (1989)
* Wedding videographer/Washington, D.C. (1989-1993)
* Reporter TV Technology/Washington, D.C. (1990-1995)
* FCC reporter, columnist, tech editor, Radio World/Radio World International/Washington, D.C. (1988-1990)
* Editor-in-chief corporate real estate newsletters, Clark Construction Group/Bethesda, Md. (1988)
* Host, Dalts restaurant/Falls Church, Va. (1986-1988)
* Medical textbook proofreader/Arlington, Va. (1988)
* Reporter/section editor/researcher, Washington Business Journal/Arlington, Va. (1985-1988)
* Receptionist for ultra-right-wing think tank Capital Research Fund/Washington, D.C. (1985)
* Conference director for Georgetown University journalism programs/The Fund for American Studies/Washington, D.C. (1984-1985)
* Telemarketer for oceanfront condos in Florida/Alexandria, Va. (1984)
* College newspaper features editor, The Breeze/James Madison University/Harrisonburg, Va. (1983-1984)
* Editor Curio magazine/James Madison University/Harrisonburg, Va. (1984)
* Intern/reporter The News & Daily Advance/Lynchburg, Va. (1983-1984)
* DJ/country WWOD-AM & AC WKZZ-FM/Lynchburg, Va. (1980-1983)
* Subject for topical acne medication/Lynchburg, Va. (1979)
* Pizza cook/dishwasher, Pizza Inn/Lynchburg, Va. (1978-1980)
* Dog-sitter/Lynchburg, Va. (pre-1980)
* Lawn boy/Lynchburg, Va. (pre-1980)
* Drying dishes/cutting grass for weekly allowance/Lynchburg, Va. (pre-1980)

With the prospects for veteran journalists these days, I'm looking forward to exploring that career in dog-sitting again.

Thanks again to Snig’s Spot for this idea!