Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Sunday

Bobby & Timmy trekked from Chelsea to Brooklyn Heights Sunday for our annual grand event year-end top 40 countdowns. Ayhan + meese + Bob + Tim x 40 = 160 songs. We started the madness after noon and finished around 7 p.m., in time to catch most of the Super Bowl.

I wasn't terribly invested, but since I've got pals from Pittsburgh, I opted for the Steelers, alas. As usual, the only real entertainment value of the bland spectacle (sorry, I liken football to watching a pot of water boil) was the commercials... which were shockingly ordinary in how the punch lines flailed time after time.

The real highlights, natch, were two movie trailers: Chris Evans in "Captain America" and hot Aussie newbie Chris Hemsworth in "Thor." Now that's entertainment!Meanwhile, Bobby & Timmy's Steely McBeam had a grand day in the nabe.The boys met the critters Abby & Spencer for the first time! Warms temps made for a lovely, albeit soggy walk through Brooklyn Heights.Who scored? Who cares?