Saturday, February 19, 2011

Young Charles Lee... At 5!

My mamer was wonderfully conscientious about saving mementos of my childhood in a book called "Charles's School Years." It's packed with class photos from elementary school, scary pics marking each year from kindergarten through high school (pre-braces, with braces, pubescent furry eyebrows, etc.), report cards, symphonic band and theater programs, and the like.

Last night I was amazed to find a hidden nugget buried deep in the kindergarten pocket: a picture taken for the Lynchburg News & Daily Advance for the "Women's" section of the paper, apparently about a recipe my mother contributed. The date: Nov. 30, 1967. I was 5. It appears I had lost my baby fat between the time my official kindergarten pic was taken (above) and the one below. Bless my heart.

I have not seen this picture in decades. What a precious gift. Thanks, Evelyn!