Friday, February 11, 2011

Spam, Sweet Spam

Ah, spam, sweet spam. Thanks for the offer, but for the time being, my hips appear to be fairly well aligned.Meanwhile, I've just been informed that the Nigerian government has awarded me the sum of $11 million from my dearly departed relative Dr. Henry Sequel. Wow, not only do I not recall Henry at any family gatherings, but that's much more than the usual million-dollar-plus gifts that regularly come my way from widows and nuns and various folks who desperately need my assistance. I'm so lucky! Thanks, Henry. Rest in peace! (Click to see full size, cool cats.)I also got this very important message from ErectMeds7famous@Now. I couldn't have said it better myself:
"Dave" he was called, and he ate and slept, or yawned between times, and took interest in nothing, not even when the Narwhal crossed Queen Charlotte Sound and rolled and pitched and bucked like a thing possessed., When Buck and Curly grew excited, half-wild with fear, he raised his head as though annoyed, favored them with an incurious glance, yawned, and went to sleep again. Day and night the ship throbbed to the tireless pulse of the propeller, and though one day was very like another, it was apparent to Buck that the weather was steadily growing colder. , At last, one morning, the propeller was quiet, and the Narwhal was pervaded with an atmosphere of excitement. ,He felt it, as did the other dogs, and knew that a change was at hand.