Friday, February 25, 2011

Cover Girl: Celine Dion

On Monday, Celine Dion appeared on "Oprah" for a 27th time since 1996—making her the most frequent guest in the history of the show.

In her most recent appearance, we met twins Nelson and Eddy, toured her extravagant new Jupiter Island, Fla., home and heard details about her upcoming return to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

The new extravaganza, "Celine," features a 31-piece orchestra and tributes to Michael Jackson and James Bond (if she performs Sheena Easton's "For Your Eyes Only," I will spontaneously combust into a pool of tears). She also performed a Billy Joel song on "Oprah" that we'll be seeing at the show, "Lullaby." See the video here!Meanwhile, with her return to Las Vegas less than a month away and the October birth of her twins, the (French) press has been slap-happy with Celine Dion cover stories. In the past couple weeks, she has adorned Hello Canada, La Semaine, Journal Montreal and Vegas events mag Events & Shows.Before that, we had Gala, Cine Tele and U.S. People. Dig it, cool cats!