Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Is Why You Never Name Your Boat 'Titanic'...

Talk about dumb. A 16-foot cabin cruiser purchased by Brit Mark Wilkinson secondhand for $1,600, sprung a leak shortly after beginning its maiden voyage Sunday and sank within minutes. Uh, it appears that Wilkinson had named his boat Titanic II.

The captain was left clinging to the vessel's bow rail, before a harbormaster tossed him a life preserver. Fortunately, a tourist was close by to take pictures of the daft seaman.

"It's all a bit embarrassing," Wilkinson told British tabloid The Sun. "I'm fed up with people asking me if I hit an iceberg."

The RMS Titanic sank 99 years ago, killing 1,517, and has since been synonymous with disaster since. No word on whether or not Wilkinson was playing Celine Dion on board.