Wednesday, June 1, 2011

World Trade Center Site: Still A Whole Lot Of Nothing Much To See

When you go to the World Trade Center's official webbie and click on "progress," the first line is, "There is a new spirit at the World Trade Center site." Yes, indeed... but I'd rather see building than good intentions.

According to the site, at first building 1 World Trade Center, steel has risen to the 68th floor, glass has been installed to the 41st floor and concrete floors have risen to the 62nd floor. Claims are that a floor a week is progressing upward.

The two concrete holes you see in the photos below are the imprint of the original WTC, which are now going to be vast cavernous reflecting pools, tagged the National September 11 Memorial & Museum—forever reminding us of what once was, instead of taking a step into the future. I find that utterly gruesome.

1 WTC was supposed to be opened this year, but the latest delays have now pushed that to January 2014. Sadly, because of politics, finances, legalities and constant compromises on behalf of demanding families who continue to grieve 10 years on, I'll believe it when I see it. As for the remaining three high-rises in the grand plan, I remain wholly pessimistic that they will reach the sky during my lifetime.
See The New York Times' detailed progress report below the jump.