Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good God, Darren Does It Again: Traffic Spikes To 2,400+ In Two Days

Damn, are there any more dedicated fans than those following Darren Hayes? On Monday, we posted a loving review of his best new single in years, "Black Out the Sun," which Darren was kind enough to tweet to his 46,741 Twitter followers... Instantaneous combustion: On Tuesday, The Smoking Nun spiked from its customary 400-500 hits to 1,400. Today, we're approaching another 1,000 before 10 p.m.

As one fan posted on The Smoking Nun last time around, call it "The Darren Effect." And how. Last November, we posted details about a wondrous face-to-face visit I had with Darren when he was in New York. Within a day, hits spiked to the same range... just as they did in May 2010 when I simply wished him a happy birthday.

Have I mentioned that in my Billboard days, Savage Garden was not only one of my fave acts (after I wrote a third column as Radio Editor about the duo for each successive hit single in the 1990s, my managing editor told me that I was approaching ad nauseum and to lay off for a while), but he has persistently been one of the most genuine artists I've known?