Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Social Media Rules With Plenty Of Yuks Following Tuesday Quaker

Social media had a big time Tuesday following the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that smacked down on the East Coast.

While cell carriers were nearly overloaded (it took me four tries to send a text 15 minutes after), Facebook was a shining beacon of buzz with everybody's take, from the startled to the hysterical.

But the biggest response was on Twitter, which was on fire. In fact, the earthquake itself started tweeting under the handle @DC_Earthquake, saying it was here to shake up Washington.

Some of the better tweets:
* i hope the world doesn't end before I use all these groupons.
* This earthquake is getting way too much attention. Californians need an earthquake that size just to get us out of bed. ;P
Devastation in Virginia...
* Breaking: Michele Bachmann says earthquake disproves global warming- "It's the earth shivering."
* Are there tsunami warnings along the James River?
* We should really band together & take some time off to help those in Virginia affected by the earthquake set their lawn furniture back up
* According to Fox News the Washington Monument is now leaning to the right. MSNBC says its leaning to the left. CNN reports no change.
* RFK Stadum reports that the Virginia quake resulted in $500,000 worth of improvements.
* Breaking: Carole King feels the earth move under her feet.
* DEVELOPING: Earthquake turns Gallup offices upside down. Obama now at 62% approval.
Thanks to The Randy Report for the upper right graphic!