Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene: Sunday @ 7a... Best NYC News Images

It's here, it's dear, it's wholly unclear why the news continues to hype the shit out of a big NYC rainstorm, when there's serious damage and power outages in North Carolina and Virginia. News outlets are trying their best to offer dramatic images, but the only sensation here is New York's odd desolation.Spooky! Grand Central Station completely deserted, thanks to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's knee-jerk shutdown of all public transportation. This is a first due to a weather-related event.Likewise, the Holland Tunnel and Brooklyn Bridge are practically void of human life.Times Square late Saturday night. Wow, look at that splash. Catastrophic!Bloomberg has left New York City paralyzed until at least Monday afternoon, locking New Yorkers out of any potential exit strategy.You can wrap your van in plastic, but you can't idiot-proof its owner!Workers at a downtown office building in New York prepare for their skyscraper to float away.Shoppers clear the shelves at a New York D'Agastonio grocery Saturday. God knows what we'd do if we couldn't eat everything in the store during the one-day storm.Fear and loathing in the New York tabloid press.
Images: Gawker, NY Daily News, Huffington Post