Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lynchburg: The Main Event... High School Class Reunion

The primary anchor for returning home to Lynchburg, Va., was 1) to see the folks and friends and 2) to attend my 31st high school reunion. Last year, Donna Mae Moose was my date to my 30th, so she returned the favor by inviting me as her date to her 30th. Get that?Dinner before the Friday night festivities with Cecil, Mae's hubby, and our longtime high school friend J.T. (whom we reconnected with after two+ decades a couple years ago).My mad crush Jim on the left, with whom Donna and I had wicked fun at last year's reunion...Jim and his equally charming, entertaining, funny as hell sister Leigh.And on to the official E.C. Glass Class of 1981 reunion Saturday evening...Bottom right in the above photo and all three below... is my nursery school main squeeze Susan Amo... we missed elementary school together, but became friends again in high school. You'll notice that she and dreamy Jim were constant companions throughout the reunion. Good fun.No idea who the handsome guy is with Susan above, but he certainly ripened well over the course of 30 years, huh?In the middle, Tammy, one of my fellow Drama Club officers during my senior year of high school, with Donna and Carlton. Saw her at last year's soiree as well. An absolute doll.Re-creation of my favorite moment from the 2010 reunion... original is below.See you in nine years, ECG alumni!