Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lynchburg: The Finale... As Always, Where Did The Time Go?

Finally captured pics of the elusive hummingbirds outside the parent's window!
Monday was the final countdown before returning to New York from a week in my hometown of Lynchburg, Va. I always posture that a week in Virginia is like a month anywhere else, but where the hell does the time go? So many intentions to see other allies that ultimately remain unfulfilled as the sands rush from the hourglass...

I did squeak in a quick visit with nephew Matthew and his gal pal Jordan—who were in New York in June for Pride—at the top of the list. Plenty of time with the parents (though mamer Evelyn will always contest that), a solid afternoon with bro Chris and his squeeze Judy, and fab one-on-ones with Donna Mae Moose & Trixmoose. And of course reconnects galore, courtesy of the high school reunion, with J.T., Susan Amo & Jimbo R.
That final day, I was able to link up with both meese a final time, as well as Trix's son Jack, all laughing until we cried utilizing the joys of Mac's insane Photo Booth. I even got my Poppy in on the madness—and my mamer, who laughed when she saw the results. She actually chuckled. Out loud. It was a rare moment... As was this entire return to my roots.