Tuesday, August 23, 2011

October's Second-Gen Verizon iPhone5: Time To Join The Revolution

If the rumors are true about the next-generation iPhone 5 reaching the marketplace in October, then I shall be one happy apple. My current two-year contract with Verizon Wireless ends Nov. 17, allegedly allowing me to upgrade to a new phone with a discount.

While I consider myself tech savvy in most areas, I've always felt one step behind when it comes to my cell device. Currently, I have the Verizon Razzle, a cleverly designed smart phone—that I have never utilized for the web. At one point, I added email, but found it so cumbersome to connect, I canceled it after one month.

I refused to join the iPhone revolution as long as it was associated with AT&T, whose service sucks in New York, but after Verizon started selling the ubiquitous phone last year, I decided that as soon as a second-generation model streets, it's time to step up to the millennium with everyone else I know.

Rumors are rampant about Version 5's advances: a slide-out keyboard, improved camera, faster processor, larger edge-to-edge screen, improved internal antenna and global usage. Who knows if any of this is true...

I've little desire for an iPad and won't start exploring a next-generation Apple PowerBook until my current three-year warranty is kaput in March 2012. But come November, Apple and I shall become even better pals.
My cell phones over the years. Sweet, aren't they?