Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Smoking Nun's Daily Feature Is Up To You: VOTE NOW!

Don't forget, cool cats.  I've posted a poll along the top right column here allowing you to vote on a daily feature intended to ever-so-gently coerce you to return to The Smoking Nun on a regular basis. What will it be: NYC Vintage? A Male Model A Day? My take on Radio and Records? Or something I've not even considered?

Polling closes Aug. 31 and so far... the response is utterly humiliating. Do you really want nothing but Rodiney Santiago and William Levy on The Nun (actually, considering the Most Popular Posts, noted on the lower right, I've answered my own question). Come to think of it, The Smoking Nun is an ideal moniker to evolve into a porn site. Sigh...