Tuesday, August 23, 2011

William Levy Refuses Role Of A Lifetime In Soderbergh's 'Magic Mike'

In a move that would have propelled him from minor-league Spanish-language telenovela hottie to legitimate Hollywood actor, William Levy has inexpicably passed on the role of a lifetime: joining the all-star cast of Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike.

We reported Friday that he was joining the film, which stars Channing Tatum as a lap-dancing Florida stripper, along with Alex Pettyfer, Matt McCounaughey and Matt Bomer.

According to People en Espanol, he is instead "looking for other projects in Hollywood." Levy's manager Gladys Gonzalez—who should be fired for not guiding her client to stardom—confirmed that he received an offer to appear in the sexy flick, but "will not be involved."

So Will would rather always be known as "the guy in the Jennifer Lopez video"? As we know, Levy stirred a maelstrom of publicity as the entertainer's delicious beach boy in "I'm Into You," soon after which it was announced that JLo and Marc Anthony were divorcing. The ensuing press is the best thing that ever happened to Levy's career.

I am disappointed, but more so, dumbfounded. William has never shied from parading around in his skivvies and certainly has the bod to make the moves. Boo, hiss.