Wednesday, August 24, 2011

'RIP Nick Ashford' Nun Post Boosts Nun Traffic To 1,400. Guess Why...

Here's an interesting tidbit for Smoking Nun aficianados. Traffic on Tuesday escalated to 1,400 page views, because of my post on the death of Nick Ashford at the age of 70 from throat cancer.

But unfortunately, my ego gets no gentle boost from the infusion of hits. After researching Sitemeter and Bravenet, it appears that folks were less interested in my scandalous little tale about RuPaul's shenanigans at the 1995 Billboard Radio Conference than they were searching Google for "Did Nick Ashford smoke?"

The combination of the words "Ashford" and "Smoke" propped the previous post sky high on Google, leading random folks to click on the post.

So why not answer the question, eh? Those who smoke or use other forms of tobacco are at a higher risk of developing throat cancer. Excessive alcohol further increases risk. While I do not know if Ashford smoked cigs, I have seen first-hand that he enjoyed a modicum of hooch. More than one time I saw him in public, seriously in his cups.