Tuesday, August 23, 2011

K'tina: Cause She Is My Lady, And I Am Her... Okay, You Get It

Ah, the salad days at Billboard. For years, Kristina was my work wife... until I departed in March 2009 and she headed to Los Angeles in February 2010. Does that make her my former wife? Ex-wife? Whatever the case, Tina was back in NYC this weekend for the Jeff/Simona wedding, and in addition to our outing with Christa on a rainy Sunday, I spent a solid four hours with my love in the East Village Monday, walking up Broadway in the preeminent shopping area around Prince Street. Goodness all around. How is it that K'tina knew that cupcakes have reached such enormous popularity in New York that there are now street carts that sell nothing but the sweet delicacy? $1.50 a pop.Broadway and Prince, the best shopping district in all of NYC.My favorite clothing store, Uni Quo—which is opening a new flagship store on Fifth Avenue this fall—had this wildly clever display... sheep... as in wool... as in fall fashion.The endearing shopping remnant below remains on Broadway above Houston. I wonder how long it will be before NYU builds another generic brick dorm in the space.
Moving uptown... public artwork: ties wrapped around poles in colorful combinations.
How utterly amazing is this? A building around Astor Place. Is this more public art? Astonishing.
Quintessential East Village... the remains of St. Marks Place.
Tina and meese... sigh...