Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NYC Image Of The Day: Gridlock! Delancey & Clinton Streets, 1923

With the ubiquity of automobiles in the early 1920s came the inevitable crunch of jaw-clenching traffic jams. New York was primed to endure the mangle of many messes, with its labyrinth of intersecting streets.

Above, vehicles are attempting to exit the Williamsburg Bridge into gridlock at Delancy and Clinton Streets on the Lower East Side. The snarl involves cars, trolleys and the Third Avenue Rail line. Thank god subways were becoming the savior of the city by this time, though many were still running above ground.

At left, cars wait to enter the Holland Tunnel in 1927, the year the miraculous connector between N.Y. and N.J. was completed.

And below, the gridlock that lives on in our modern city today...
(Top image from NYC Vintage Images)