Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bleeker Bob's: Another Beloved NYC Indie Record Stores Bites It

Another one bites the dust. The New York Times reported over the weekend that longtime indie record store, Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies in the West Village, one of a scant few remaining in New York City, is shuttering.

Bleecker Bob’s will close its store at 118 West Third Street at the end of April, according to manager Chris Wiedener.

The store, which opened as Village Oldies Records in 1968, had been able to stay alive because of leased space in the back, including a tattoo parlor, which helped pay the rent. The last subtenant was a comic book store, which closed in 2008.

Of course, within the past several years, we've lost Tower Records and both the Times Square and Union Square locations of Virgin Records. Among the last of its kind remaining, as far as I know: the long-lived Colony Records on Broadway at 49th Street; and the cool Rebel Rebel, also on Bleeker Street in the West Village. I stopped by the latter on Sunday, just to pay respects. *