Friday, January 6, 2012

French Clothier La Redoute Commits Faux Paus With Naked Dude Sunbathing In Kiddie Advert: Offers Humble Apology (Pussies!)

And here I thought France was so much more tolerant than us uptight Yankees... but apparently French fashion chain La Redoute has the nation's panties in a bunch over an ad on its webbie that shows a nudie man wading in the sea behind a group of precocious kiddies with bad teeth modeling clothes. And? So?

The image of four children running in the sand appeared on La Redoute's sales site for several hours before users spotted the faux pas and began poking fun at the scene, deeming it a "Scandale!' and an "Epic fail de la Redoute!"

La Redoute responded in shame—when a dash of humility and a sense of humor would have done the trick—apologizing for the "mistake" on its Facebook & Twitter pages, claiming it's "investigating how the error occurred" and promptly removing the pic with the dude sunning at the public beach.

Meanwhile, the unidentified bather has become a viral sensation with photoshoppers cutting and pasting famous people into the original image, a la Aretha Franklin's inauguration day hat and that squirrel that made the rounds in years past, including late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, a music festival, with King Kong, wandering around someone's house and—the best—with multiple gleeful sunbathers (which we've combined for you below). Awesome! *