Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ryan Seabreast Further Dumbs Down TV With Bravo's 'Shahs Of Sunset'

Ryan Seabreast, who is responsible for bringing television to the depths of hell with his soul pillaging Kardashians franchise, is apparently determined to bring the tube to a gruesome new low. The way-too-present entertainment mogul has partnered with Bravo to exploit a group of six young spoiled Iranian socialites in—ready for this—the Shahs of Sunset.

Unsuspecting viewers will witness the half-dozen Persian-American bluebloods (read: no jobs) giggling and jiggling up and down Rodeo Drive and throughout their rich SoCal haughty nabe "Tehrangeles," while stuffing their faces with traditional Persian feasts.

But it gets really serious, too. According to Bravo, "While they're fervent on the dating and party scene, the six seek approval from their families," who allegedly want their precious little brats to settle down and marry within the community." (As if...  It's pretty clear from previous rich-kid reality crap that if anyone's to blame, it's lax, enabling parents.)

Thanks, Ryan, for dumbing down TV just a little bit more. Enjoy your new Ferrari and the boy toys you cart around—while you continue to take the American viewing public for a ride. *