Sunday, January 22, 2012

'Magic Mike': Interview With Channing Tatum | New Pics In 'EW'

Above, Channing Tatum & Alex Pettyfer in Magic Mike. Below right,
Steven Soderbergh’s spy-action pic Haywire opened in theaters this weekend, and among the stars is Channing Tatum, who, of course, is teaming with the director for 2012's eye candy male stripper flick Magic Mike, which opens this summer on June 29. featured an interview this week with Tatum, who wrote the draft script, in which he reveals some goodies about the upcoming film (which also stars Joe Manganiello, The Smoking Nun's Sexiest Man Alive for 2011). I watched the video interview clip and am happy to report the following nuggets:

* Comparing the film to his experience as a stripper at age 18: “It's a fantasy fulfillment movie and an education. If you want to know what it's like to be a male stripper, this is it.”
* The movie is rated a "hard R": "You've got a bunch of naked guys; there won't be full frontal, it's just thongs and underwear. There's a couple girls that are topless. It's not overtly gratuitously sexual. It's a fun movie. We wrote it very comedic: It's outlandish and the characters are bizarre."
* On co-star Matthew McConaughey: "We knew the propensity he had to get naked and that's awesome. I think he's a very underrated actor, because he's (so) good-looking. He's one of the most committed actors to his character and to the whole picture. I've always seen him in my head as a Mad Hatter. I wanted all that craziness and to create a character that fosters all those eccentricities he has. But he is utterly believable and real."
* In a second interview with Matt Bomer, the co-star tells Collider: "It’s a really intricate plot. It’s very much of a Saturday Night Fever, Boogie (Nights) coming-of-age story. The central relationship is Channing and Alex Pettyfer’s. They play Mike and The Kid. It’s a mentorship type thing. One is unhappy with where he is and knows there’s a real ceiling to that lifestyle, (while) one is just getting into the whole glorious aspect of what it means to be a stripper." *