Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taylor Lautner Comes Out On 'People' Cover! (Okay, Not Really)

Wow, so Twilight mainstay Taylor Lautner has come out on the front of People magazine as an "out & proud" homo! Aha, I knew that a real man would never actually want to date fish-face Taylor Swift!

Uh, not so much. This crafty rendition of a year-end 2011 People cover made the rounds across the webbie, pretty much convincing... nobody. Of course, the "exclusive" People cover is a fake, which actually brings me great relief.

The dude may have a nice body and great teeth and all, but those slanted cat eyes and his too-scrubbed demeanor doesn't do one damn thing for meese. Maybe when he grows up in five years and gets a little messy, there'll be something to pine for; and of course by then his career will be in shambles and he'll be begging fort he press to come out, right?