Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joe Manganiello Lays It All Out In 'Flaunt' Mag

Joe Manganiello, the Smoking Nun's Sexiest Man Alive for 2011, is looking mighty rugged in Flaunt magazine's meaty feature. In the accompanying profile he discusses his wolfen character Thunder on HBO's True Blood: “It’s exhilarating when they hand you the chain and let you take him for a walk, and you realize he’s this massive, crazy, wild animal, and could chew you to pieces... and he’s my friend.”

As an artistic child with an athletic build growing up in football country, Manganiello felt a connection to monsters in that he understood how it felt to never quite fit in: “I’d always yell at my mom to close the door at night, because I wanted monsters to come out of the closet and from under the bed. I really felt like if they existed, they would at least be my friends.” See the full text here.