Monday, January 23, 2012

'GQ' Tries Desperately To Airbrush Michelle Williams Into A Sex Symbol

Since I haven't seen My Week With Marilyn, I have little to say about Michelle Williams' talent as an actress... although I do remember that in Brokeback Mountain, she was a fringe presence, at best.

But one thing I'll say with certainty: There is nothing particularly sexy or even sexual about the mousy 31-year-old plain Jane, a la Mia Farrow. I have to give credit to the artisans at GQ, who airbrushed the living shit out of Williams for a cover spread in its February 2012 issue and turned her into a would-be sexpot.

While she does resemble genuinely sensual singer Kim Wilde in these pics, it all comes across as a little girl dressing up in her mommy's closet... neither sincere or convincing, if not a little repugnant... and believe me (as you cool cats should know), I am hardly a prude.

In the GQ interview, she says, "I wouldn't say (being sexy is) one of my first qualities as a human being." Likewise, she proclaimed in her acceptance speech as Best Actress at this year's Golden Globe Awards for Marilyn, that she is a mother first, actress second.

I hear that, girl. Aside from these whored up photos that look like they were taken at Glamour Shots in the local mall, "matronly" comes to mind when I think of Michelle. *