Monday, January 16, 2012

Counting Down The Hits: Bobby, Timmy & Meese, 120 In All

For the past, oh, 75 years or so, Bobby, Timmy & I have counted down our respective top 40 hits for the year gone past in an exhaustive (if not exhausting) marathon together. For 2011, we were a little late on the draw, but gathered Friday in Brooklyn Heights to share all 120.

Here's the way it works: We draw coins to determine who goes first, second and third; then each count down 10 at a time, moving forward from 40-31, 30-21, 20-11 and then 10-5 and 4-1. In all, this year, the process took about six hours, with numerous requisite starts and stops for booze refills, snacks and conversational asides.

In past years, we've had guests join in the mayhem, including one year in which there were five of us in total. Mercy. That would be one of the years where I fell asleep long before we reached the peak...

This time, I'm proud to say we all remained awake, alert and relatively sober, from 40-1, 40-1 and even 40-1. Tim's No. 1 for 2011: "Jumping" from Kara. Bob's: "Be With You" from Erasure. And mine: "Set Fire To the Rain" from Adele.

If you missed my top 40, it was posted on The Smoking Nun January 9. See the full list here.