Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dare To Dream: Roger Dubuis' Artful La Monegasque Collection

Among so many freebies I regularly indulge in online, I was offered a download copy of Revolution magazine. No idea what it was, but the cover seemed to insinuate it was about the finer things in life... oh, why not dare to dream for a change?

It turns out the Japanese mag is singly about the swankiest watches one can fathom: and beautifully shot so they truly look like works of art. The cover story features Roger Dubuis' La Monegasque Collection, introduced in October 2011 (The watchmaker is a fairly new player in the marketplace, founded in 1995).

The eight watches in the collection—a number of which are limited edition with as few as 28 manufactured—offer a "perfectly balanced display of strength, swagger and temperament," according to the company, heralding "the arrival of a contemporary generation of haute horlogerie." Yeah, what they said...

These babies are so beautiful, I'm ready to mortgage my apartment. The price? A cool $37,000+. A swanky little leather watchband alone, meanwhile, costs $350+.

Looking to pick up a trinket or two for yourself, a loved one... or me? Sorry, you'll have to purchase a first-class airplane ticket and head from the U.S.: Dubuis features nine boutiques around the globe: in Geneva, Switzerland; Hong Kong (3), Macau and Shanghai, China; Moscow; Singapore; and Bangkok, Thailand.
Who wouldn't love this Frank Muller watch, also featured in Revolution... While it's obviously designed for women, this is the gayest timepiece I've ever seen. *