Thursday, January 12, 2012

Universal Records' Artist Karine Hannah's Stunning Photo Session

Longtime fave chanteuse Karine Hannah, who has placed numerous songs in my year-end Taylor Top 40, is preparing her Universal Records debut in 2012. I tell you what, it's about time a major label (also) recognized just how talented this/R&B vocalist is.

Karine has recorded three previous projects with Ayhan Sahin, in which he produced and co-wrote a consistent collection of wondrous songs perfectly suited to her stellar range and beautiful vocal versatility; while she has performed numerous times at New York's Metropolitan Room to sold-out audiences. I am thrilled to know that the best is yet to come... And now, Karine posted some fantastic new photos on Facebook, which I'm thrilled to share, along with my digitally toying. All so beautiful. *Above, the originals... Below, my take.