Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rare & Beautiful: A Mighty Young Sheena Easton In Oz | May 1981

What a treat to discover this nugget on YouTube from May 10, 1981, the very week that Sheena Easton was No. 1 with debut U.S. hit "Morning Train."

This remarkably high-quality clip from Australia's National Countdown show includes a recap of the week's top 10, followed by an interview with a mighty young Sheena and her still very Scottish brogue, and then a performance of "MT," which was No. 3 that week in Oz.

Man, this is right at the beginning of her budding career, during her infamous Spandex phase. She could not be more adorable, especially when presented a gold record for "Morning Train." And see Sheena performing "Modern Girl" on the same show from 1980 here. Yup, more Spandex! *