Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Now He's REALLY Gone Too Far: Nanny Bloomberg Wants To Ban Booze

Good googamooga. Wouldn't it be nice if once in a while, NYC Mayor Nanny Bloomberg actually did something constructive for his ever-growing elitist city? After stomping on citizens' civil liberties over smoking outside, drinking sugar soda, dotting foods with salt, cooking with trans-fat, and forcing calorie counts in restaurants, the billionaire has decided that city dwellers are... drinking too much.

Prohibition in 2012? What a party pooper!

The New York Post reports today that Bloomberg, who himself loves a good fine wine and a cold imported beer, has devised a plan to dry up the city's "excessive drinking" by banning the sale of alcohol in corner bodegas, in addition to eradicating advertising and promotion for bars and liquor.

Thanks to his overbearing Healthier New York City initiatives, Bloomie's latest whim is to reduce the number of retail outlets that can sell hooch, while halting spirits advertising in stores, restaurants and public transportation—because as the queen of the nanny state knows, grown-ups are too daft to know how much they should imbibe.

The city's Department of Health commented, "The city’s goals are in line with our ongoing strategies of promoting healthy eating and physical activity and discouraging excessive alcohol use," citing such bogus stats as a rise in underage alcohol-related emergency room visits. Uh, selling beer and liquor to minors is already illegal. What does that have to do with adults taking a swill at will?

“More social engineering by Mike Bloomberg. What a surprise,” noted Scott Wexler, president of the Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Assn.

Mother fucker, Nanny, would you please get your nose out of our business? With all of this overt meddling, it's no wonder the city is being driven to drink. *